The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge

Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina and Jurisdictions, Inc.

Attention: NCCU Founder's Day Program will be held October 27, 2017 on the Campus of NCCU in the McLendon–McDougald Gymnasium starting at 8:00am; It is asked that all Heads of Houses and Membership participate. The Annual Calendar meeting will be held following NCCU Founder's Day Program at the MWPHGLNC Building.    Attention: DVD's are Available for purchase of the Events of the 2017 Grand Lodge Session, to include The Cultural Exchange Program($5), 2017 Grand Lodge Session($5) and Lodge of Sorrow and the Grand Master's Address (2 disc set $15). Please visit our online store to purchase or contact the Grand Lodge Office 919-683-3147.    Attention: Local Municipal Elections will becoming soon and it is a part of our Obligation and Right to cast our vote on the local level as well as the national level. So Please go out and exercise that right to vote in your Local Municipal Elections, a right that many Prince Hall Masons Fought for and Died for. So as Grand Master, I am encouraging all Brothers and Sisters of this Great Jurisdiction of Prince Hall Masonry to exercise Your Right and VOTE. -MWGM Milton F. "Toby" Fitch Jr.

Hurricane Disaster Relief

The North Carolina Prince Hall Family acknowledges the tragic conditions and life altering effects brought on by the natural disaster known as Hurricane Harvey. In an effort to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey, we have established a venue where brothers, sisters, lodges, chapters, courts, councils, commanderies, consistories, assemblies and temples can contribute and support via monetary donations. Please click the Donate button below to make your individual and/or organizational contributions.


Lodge of Sorrow

The Great Architect of the Universe has called our beloved Brother L. Waddell Alston to traverse the Jacob’s Ladder to the Celestial Lodge in the Heavens above. Please take due notice of the following funeral arrangements/details...

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Prince Hall License Plate

The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina and Jurisdictions, Inc. has its very own license plate. Support the program by ordering your plate today!

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